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Music & Lyrics by: Nick Nitro


Music & Lyrics by: Nick Nitro*

(Verse 1)
Fascist was our calling how can this be right
Those who looked the other way few chosen not in sight
Under the eyes of common men he made his empire black
Fascists don’t ask questions they don’t look back

Fear inspires men fear overcomes boys
Don’t care what they have to say cannot hear their voice
When the old are gone the young are left to die
We are thrown into war our families will cry

(Verse 2)
We’re next on the chopping block hailing to the boss
Can’t fight this war machine worried of our loss
Tanks roll through neutral land don’t care about the rest
This is all an illusion a startling dream at best


(Verse 3)
When this tyrants taken down then a league will rise
Loving those returning home revering those that died
When the eagles shot down this is what we like
Now rise the workers and the Russian Reich



*written originally w/Tom Brennan during Binge Drinkers/Aids Grenades


from One Way Generation (EP), released August 27, 2014


tags: punk


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